What’s Unfortunate – Connais-Tu Le Pays?

Instead of saying too much, I have to say precise, my book is about what is considered a form of group stalking also known as gang-stalking, which is being taught by mental health practitioners as a psychological disorder and not an ancient Roman war lord tactic continued and made easy via National Security’s mass spying capabilities.

My, how I stepped on and off the #metoo bandwagon. A walking contradiction would do such a thing.

Now I live, but one day you and I, we will all die, so don’t rush and hurt yourself for living is actually grand when there is a reason to care —

Stop; I have work to do; too much and I don’t want to create or jump on yet another hashtag bandwagon-act brigade. Every movement has group stalking rocks thrown in to ruin the momentum towards justice and freedom.

I can’t claim to believe in one religion over another, but I do believe in the afterlife, and I know what my ancestors would have to say, and it’s a lot of fighting swear words followed by “Be careful with these money-printing-murderers –”

Tired of playing a certain game that I never thought really existed… it’s worse than Charles Manson, because Manson was caught —

I was supposed to not blog more than a sentence and a poem, yet I’m never short in prose. It seems that a lot of websites are being censored or bullied. Bullying is a form of forced social censorship similar to racism and segregation. My book includes bullying (paid and social phenomenon) on the Internet, for celebrities, minorities, teens, and in general.

Gotta get going staying alive. Still trying to catch up with life before I can get back to transcribing my manuscript… I came out as a semi-#metoo victim, yet different, this is not about rape for me, this is about digital data, blackmail, bloggers, journalists, moguls, overt abuse via mass spying, and covert political assassination… which is murder, plain and simple; assassination is just a fancy way to say someone was killed for politics and money.

My book is all about reorganizing the way we consider what humanity is being trained to accept and agree upon about how the world is currently being run. I am in trouble only because I enjoy flipping the world upside down in your mind where you realize money indeed grows on trees and did and could again, it’s called hemp —

If I shared the poem by Richard Shelton titled Connais-Tu Le Pays? I do believe I’d be breaking certain publishing laws… it’s a wonderful poem in the book I choose my poems from.. I wish I could share it, but with less and less freedom, one day sharing another artist without permission could get a person in a lot of trouble.

If anyone wants an awesome free copy of this poem I can’t share publicly, use the contact button on this blog and I can email you a pen-pal’ish friend share of what I gleefully squeal at. Connais-Tu Le Pays? is a treat and treasure poem I’ll love forever:

Shelton, R. (1982). CONNAIS-TU LE PAYS? In Selected Poems, 1969-1981 (pp. 30-31). Pittsburgh, Pa.: University of Pittsburgh Press. doi:10.2307/j.ctt9qh8f2.17

…excerpt of Connais-Tu Le Pays? favorite stanzas:

As for the troll
who once lured me under the bridge,
I blame him for everything.

… I bring them a yellow wax
flower in a green pot.
We celebrate the silence.

Go find the whole poem if you care, it’s so happy a poem; full of life:

Shelton, R. (1982). CONNAIS-TU LE PAYS? In Selected Poems, 1969-1981 (pp. 30-31). Pittsburgh, Pa.: University of Pittsburgh Press. doi:10.2307/j.ctt9qh8f2.17


Published by: jstlouise

Writing a book. Nobody cares; there's people in this world who wish I'd drop dead at my own hands, which is why I choose to stay alive; bullies on the Internet and some are paid to occupy all those forums; every forum and chatroom is filled with paid commenters and (some) moderators are even crowd sourced via private anonymous clients. Military wants to lump together these activities as on-duty "cyber warriors" hunting "terrorists"... And I have reason to write rhymes about (what I suspect as possible) cyber warriors and who they're going after, it will horrify the public... but of course to prove the "crowd sourced cyber warriors" existence requires cooperation with the culprit/s turncoats, a thing I'm 99.98% positive will never happen as the paying clients are U.S. paid assassin "trigger happy table talkers" aka whoever gets to play with our data in real time for "terrorist threats" which are activists... including the peaceful type. So instead of proving it on mainstream media with a willing whistleblower [I tried & horribly failed the PM grapevine] All the bridges are burnt and anyone who reads classified top secret stuff will go , oh s*it, she's still alive? After all we did back in 2016? ... I write the story about how I am not a hero but a big stupid loser -- this blog is currently inactive because I am injured by the stressful realization that a government who harassed and murdered a peaceful activist, Martin Luther King Jr., is the same government spying on all of us and so much more... and everyone's okay with it. For those whove been following, i was writing a #metoo... but ive since then quit as its really #toomuch


2 thoughts on “What’s Unfortunate – Connais-Tu Le Pays?”

    1. Thanks but I don’t know what the Liebster award is..

      I tried to post a comment on your blog post titled “Learning To Be The Hero In My Own Story” but was blocked from making a comment. Stranger things have happened.

      Here’s the comment that I wanted to leave over on your blog.. can’t stay long. I’ve had an injury and typing hurts –:

      To SheQuotes:

      Well said and thought provoking, I read the whole thing and am uplifted by your perceptions and acceptance to nature of people in this day and age.

      A friend caught me and schooled me on starting a sentence in conversation, “I think you should __________,” as it implies some sort of hierarchy, but telling your brother what you think based on what you’ve experienced is always (sometimes) a good idea.

      thanks for the award. have not looked at it yet… thank you for sharing your real life experiences, there are many publishing companies who’d love to read your artwork and get you published
      take care


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