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Welcome to the journal behind the scenes, as the experiment of Poems Found continues to manifest Puzzle Land will continue to be updated to reflect the short clipped content details being leaked here at poemfound.wordpress.com. Below is a long scrolling list of bullets. Grab your courage, mine is liquid beans and fermented berries, hold tight and bring a thermos, I am here to show both the dark and the light. It won’t take a lifetime but it will feel this way and the band-aid is pulled slow. —

Without further ado, below is a poets version of notes that are indeed the skeleton spine and border layout to a very elaborate world that is indeed our own reality and is not fantasy but a legal claim, and obtaining justice is allowing the Snark to speak, in my case: write, ad nauseam. I’m not really a Snark or a Boojum as some might have never met Carrol’s The Hunting of the Snark (an Agony in 8 fits), in which when on trial the creature was told to skip the boring bits, again I banter on as writers do and fight, let me ado you further, the puzzle pieces below are for (perhaps) the first book, as there will be (at least) three to explain why O. Fontana & co. will want to flee. Think of these as the TL;DR or the cliffnotes you shook out of the dweeb, I’ll be that nerdy drip (lots of scrolling):

Extinguish These Burning Pages Dec. 9th, 2017

* Had a dream about a green poetry book under my bed

* Poems Found is U.S.’s S.O.S. & rebellion against an iceberg

* Poems Found includes nightmares that lurk:
– this is a spiritual experiment that incorporates the dream world
– poems are chosen at random and particularly from the green book

Poems Found Once Lost Stands – Admiral Dec. 12th, 2017

* In the morning, after the dream, the black cat pushed the green book off the stairs.

* Green poetry book obtained from Goodwill Sept. 13th, 2016. Yma Sumac’s alleged b-day. Sumac is one of my favorite old time singers and 9/13 was the same day I was released from a hospital.

* Reason for being in the hospital takes 600 or more pages to fully explain. I scratch out “fully” as it’s my real life and in the end some details may need redaction and further I can’t explain everything I could, but I couldn’t, it’s already way too much.

* Boiled down explanation of book details a sinister clandestine U.S. domestic spying and hunting for talent, whistle blowers, artists, activists, bloggers, journalists, and so much more… in fact it doesn’t end and includes mostly peaceful people (people like a poet, an artist, a celebrity, a person who holds intel over a rich man’s dirty secrets.)


In All Things Are Puzzles – Night Thought Dec. 13th, 2017

* I write about the stairwell where I write my supposed memoir detailing
“horrendous truth about hospitals, Hollywood, national defense spending…”

* Poems Found is a digital soapbox for the book I’m still writing

* Readers are: time travelers, archeologists, curators

* Feel free to leave comments; throw a penny to the wishing well; feed the beast that you found.


Border Piece – An Evening of Russian Poetry Dec. 15th, 2017

* Pieces of the puzzle are shared intuitively at unscheduled times.

* It was the greats that suggest authors write and read poetry every day.

* I transcribe all the poems chosen. Ray Bradbury told Asimov who told the King of Vomit Stevey-weeve King in the hall, waiting for his prints  —

You see, the problem is things start to get real fuzzy and cold in the next piece and I need readers to realize these pieces fit in turtle slow ways to amaze a universe flipped upside down into the golden age of sustainable reason, logic, justice, and compassion. I try not to swear, but holy cow Batman Robin laid an egg
Oh, I keep saying too much again.

Can you imagine that this is too much?

New Spirit Of Invisible Toy Axes – The Clown
Dec. 19th, 2017

* I am gleeful in awe to share this poem about clowns, even more so that the poet mentions the mainstream news in The Clown as my manuscript hysterically also details clowns on several occasions and many layers of the cake throughout the entire trilogy in fact, and the media in this poem and in reality is a Gordian Knot.

* I am an honorary clown by nature of which will be incorporated into the book I write as clowns play a role in my adult and childhood waking and dreaming life.

* Careful With the Axe Eugene by Pink Floyd apex is important to why I’m writing this book I toil over most every day.

* The Green Book used in Poems Found (PF) is christened PF’s Bible and titled: Green Book (GB).


Halfway – Born In September Dec. 23rd, 2017

* This poem is wonderful on levels of great parallel, and as already said September is an ongoing theme and I was born in that month and a couple more bits besides… for the end pieces no doubt I’m not saying a lot.

* I am currently using a pseudonym but not hiding from our government, they know exactly who and where I am and what I’m working on and how I make a living, and I know they think I’m a pest aren’t most whistle blowers pesky fleas? Because I live in America I’m free to live in the woods and make money from home. The reason I don’t simply live in town and get a job is the 600 pages of journalistic reporting and after a year of terror and axe murdering metaphors, I am finally willing to step up, expose, and burn the game just like those ladies burned their bras.

* This will be my first serious manuscript and I plan to finish the second rough draft by mid 2018 and then back to the start with proofreading and reorganizing before it’s then snail mailed out old school, no digital wires, this manuscript is for those who relish escargot.

* This book is an exposé of a peaceful target on a 21st century domestic watch list, and I’m going to rake up all the lost history and re-introduce America to the broken mirror and the rabbithole.

* I don’t have all the answers, but I found the reason why humans began to rhyme; at deaths door the artists will sing to rally the troops – oops, and this is why I rake.


Keep Coming Back – I’m Here Dec. 28th, 2017

* In this post I start mentioning keywords, I do dare call these keys leaks and I am not anonymous to anyone but the public:

monarch, hemorrhoids, American pop-culture, Queen of Hearts, mozzarella cheese, goddess Colombia, tea, rabbit hole.


Eight. Ate. Wait. Let U.S. Hiatus – Aftermath Jan. 9th, 2018

* I was waiting for contact from another author, D.W., understandably nothing happened as usual. The book I write is too big a project and yet I bare this as if I were Atlas and my shoulders feel the strain, and I must not complain about this predicament as if I knew before I was born it was mine to tackle to the near end.

* Keywords dropped: Q, Shadow Broker, Clowns In America (aka: CIA).

* I chose to open Sylvia Plath’s The Colossus as I was waiting for D.W. and could not move on with PF’s GB experiment without knowing if I was to be a true loner in what I had to say in the next piece, which was MEGA a huge deal.


Good Morning Megaton, You’ve Got Mail – The Morning Track Jan. 13th, 2018

* #metoo oh FML, it’s different then what you’re thinking

* Lost for words I loutishly quote myself:
“…happenstance of my existence and architectural mystery of Poems Found is an open letter to Olivier Megaton (born Fontana).”

* Olivier named himself after the Atomic bomb and for my purposes, is a suspect in a grocery listed breadcrumb investigation of which will be the end result of the manuscript I’m writing.

*My book will detail how Hollywood with national defense spending and mass spying capabilities can shanghai, human traffic, entrap, hunt, or murder not only children but adults for any reason whatsoever including sheer entertainment of which I refer to as the elite meat market and this topic needs three books (at least 600 or more pages) to even scratch the surface, and my story is just one of thousands, and most individuals in my situation are scared and I’m not without fear and exhaustion, yet the book I write is because I have at least two family members murdered and much more to report and my throat closes up when I think about the rest.

* Sometimes I think about giving up but it is my faith in love and humanities capabilities to conquer not the Apocalypse or some devil incarnate but 1984 mind slavery. Simple, I’m a lover of sci-fi and I’ve never read the Holy Christian Bible or any other religious spiritual text, and I tend to not utter “God” in the same way a wizard evades Voldemort. Not that I’m afraid of Him it’s because I use to be agnostic and love mythology of all religions and know nothing of said spiritual organizations of even my own born nation.

* This book includes Disney, Fantasyland, the NSA and my personal history and how it was used against me and was the reason why I was released from the hospital on September 13th, 2016, the same day I purchased the GB for the PF.

* I am a poet, an artist, and so much more. Elites messed with me, my friends, my family, and the entire world and I plan to expose how they’ve been doing it and I plan to finish my story without suicide on my end. If there are bruises and cuts it was because I put up a knuckle sandwiched fight.


A Hermit Dreams – The Mud Turtle Jan. 17th, 2018

* I live in the woods but am not hiding.

* The memoir I’m writing is super embarrassing.

* I am almost halfway through and it is not easy.

* There is too much to tell, and thus I remain slow as I continue to try and line the ducks in a row.


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