Sunshine Blogger Award

Wow. Really?

Thank you to Agastya460 writer of Thoughts of A Stranger for passing along the SunShine Award to my blog Poems Found. I highly recommend checking out Agastya’s poetry ^ ^ I very much enjoyed what he writes.

Having been a blogger for many years I do enjoy and appreciate the blogging community and have seen these fun awards floating around, so it’s really nice to have been gifted anything. There’s no time limit and it’s super fun to gift a bit of sunlight–


I handover the SunShine Blogger Award and nominate these 11 bloggers for having awesome websites and inspiring content. You’ve been chosen for various reasons. I particularly love food blogs, so it’s probably advantageous to your taste buds to check out the last two sites on this list (no particular order):

1. Cow Pasture Chronicles by Sheila M. Good

2. Bedtime Stories by Eduardo Surè

3. Adventures With Gracetopher Kirk

4. Remnants from the Realm of Dissociation by Max Meunier

5. She Quotes by Shalleenpoet

6. Writer, Poet, Photographer by Rob Taylor

7. Goal Diggers Society by JMeirene

8. The Pescetarian Poet by Colin Lee

9. Adventures In American Writing by Andrew H.K.

10. Feeding Your Beauty by Larice

11. Snixy Kitchen by Sarah
To accept the SunShine Blogger Award, answer the 11 questions and come up with 11 of their own to ask 11 more bloggers:


Here’s the new Q’s (from J.S.T. Louise):

1. How long have you blogged and why do you blog?
2. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
3. What inspires you to do what you do daily?
4. What book changed your perspective on a subject or life in general?
5. If you could impart one ultimate lesson to society what would it be?
6. What was your favorite childhood story or book?
7. Do you love school, think it’s okay, a waste of time, or what?
8. If you could meet any person dead or alive who would you meet?
9. Would you rather have: privacy or fame?
10. Who’s your favorite author?
11. When do you like to write most: day or night?


Questions asked from Thoughts Of A Stranger (Agastya460):

1. What is your favorite memory? Favorites are difficult. I always enjoy finding out when someone actually admits to liking me romantically. So whenever that happens, it’s always my favorite.

1. Would you prefer a day at the beach or a day shopping? Beach. I hate shopping, unless it’s for food. Even shopping for books, I’d rather go to the beach and then the library. I hate buying stuff and spend a long time mulling over decisions and then end up not buying what I covet; the idea is not buying what I want.

1. What’s your favorite song? Favorites. They always change depending on the year, month, day… What song get’s me? No. I can’t decide. I love David Bowie, not a song but that’s the most honest — Satwa – Apacinodonata – & – Caroling Hellwalker by World’s End Girlfriend.

1. What is your favorite literary piece? Shore of Women by Pamela Sargent — it helped me to find that not all feminists hated men, and it helped me to love men, for they are wonderful when they are being honest

1. If you could change one thing about your past what would it be? Everyday I would wake up earlier and do exactly as I was supposed to without the hiccups of what I wish was not mine — i wish i did not want people, this is a human malady. I would have avoided seeking a cat and then a dog. But I must not regret either. That’s another thing–

1. If you got a chance to go anywhere you wanted to where would you go? A place I don’t think I would ever be invited. There’s some places a person can never go no matter what they say or do or how much money they have– Oh. Hell. Send me to the moon.

1. Do you prefer the sky or the sea? Sea. Land. Right in between all three.

1. What is your favorite movie? It All Happened One Night by Frank Capra… and Mr. Deeds Goes To Town … also by Frank Capra — I’m on a Capra kick

1. Cats or Dogs? Meh. I’m over pets and have both. And could have neither. Strays that stay outside and go away and then come back when they’re starving or lonely.

1. What’s your favorite cuisine? Onion rings is not a cuisine, but fried anything is a fine favorite.

1. What’s the top of your bucket list? I don’t really have a bucket list besides finishing this non-fiction nearly text-book quality, surviving the finish, and getting back to what I was doing before the book, which was writing a fantasy that may now never turnout. I never thought I’d live this far, honest. I just wake up every day and wonder if someone will ever come along and put me out of my memoirish misery. Always finding love, should be on the top list there. That’s all I list and piss in the bucket, that urine’s gold to a farmers garden. —tanks for asking


Thanks for grazing the end.